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5 Mistakes You Should STOP Doing As An Artist!

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Hello Artist,

Time and time again I see artists doing these mistakes over and over again.

And not just beginner artists!

Even pro artists with many years under their belt, tend to fall back into these mistakes now and again.

Here are some of them:


Words like "I kinda hate this, but here is my latest drawing" or "I suck at drawing hands, but look at my drawing" aren't going to help you.

This makes you feel less confident about yourself AND it puts your followers/friends in an awkward situation.


Either by pure laziness or just because you feel like it's "cheating".

It makes no sense not to use them! 

They are there to help you, and will make you improve as an artist much faster. Trust me.

I don't want this to be a huge e-mail, so if you'd like to know about the rest of the mistakes, check out the video below!

Click here to Watch "5 Mistakes You Should STOP Doing As An Artist" on Youtube

And as always, thanks for reading and:

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia

Watch The Video On Youtube

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