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A Simple Way To Improve Your Art, For Free!

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Hello Artist!

Like you, I always wanted to improve my art to a professional level.

But I always felt a bit stuck.

Then one day I started doing something that really helped (and fast!)

It was so simple, but it worked!

And that was:

drawing prompts and challenges

It's such a simple exercise:

  • check a prompt

  • draw it!

Rinse and repeat.

So this year (just like the previous ones) I made a free prompt list for the month of October!

This year you have 4 days to do each prompt!

Or you can do several variations of each prompt in that 4 day period. Up to you.

If you join up, remember to tag me @artbydoncorgi on instagram (or @doncorgi everywhere else)

And remember, have fun!


In other news, my Complete Character Design course sale is almost over! 

The special promotion price is going to end in about 24 hours.

So if you want to join in and get 20$ off your purchase, use the link below.

Click here to join

I'll see you in the course and as always:

Keep on drawing!

  • Patricia

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