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Are You Drawing Enough? 🤔

Featured Video: Are You Drawing Enough?

Hello Artist!

Let me start by saying this:

It's ok to take a break!

Especially right now.

With... *gestures vaguely* all this.

With that said:

Have you ever wondered if you're drawing enough to achieve your goals?

If your hard work is moving you forward?

In my opinion, "enough" is VERY dependent on your goals.

+ Are you just having fun and consider art a hobby?

Then 10 mins to 5 hours per day are quite fine!

+ What if you want to make some money with it, or even go professional?

Then that's a bit more complicated.

Remember that professional artists tend to draw around 8 hours per day, and most of them go home and draw some more.

It highly depends on your situation.

If you want to know how much you should be drawing to improve, check out the video below!

Click Here To Watch "Are You Drawing Enough?" on Youtube

And remember,

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia

P.S.: Thank you for the reviews on my products! It really helps me keep going. 

If you haven't reviewed already, I would super appreciate it, thanks!

Click here to Watch "Are You Drawing Enough?" On Youtube!

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