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💣 Destroy Your Low Motivation Instantly!

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Hello Artist,

One of the best ways that I found to completely destroy your low motivation is actually a very simple exercise.

And it’s just: scribbling.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube!

Do you know when you’re on your phone talking to someone for a long time, or just watching something on youtube and feel distracted?

Then you start scribbling and doodling random things.

It’s fun right? And you’re not trying to do anything specific, you’re just enjoying it.

That really helps set your motivation high if you do it consciously.

The fear of a blank page stops is in our tracks, so fight back and doodle!

If you’d like to hear more ways to get motivated every day, check out the video on Youtube by clicking here!

In other news…

We’re starting our BIGGEST sale of the entire year in a couple of days. 

This is going to be a limited-time sale so stay tuned to your email if you ever wanted to grab some of my courses and packs.

And as always,

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia

Click here to watch "Motivate Yourself To Draw Today" on Youtube!


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