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Frustrated About Your Art? 🤬

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Hello Artist,

Art frustration is very common! I remember it being something very hard to deal with, but I also realized that I was not alone. With time and practice, I learned to deal with it better.

So I really want to help you end your artistic frustration, step by step.

And here are my tips on how to do just that.

First off: Figure out your own pace.

If you're working for many hours in a row, take a break from the kind of work you’re doing or just take things slower. Maybe you won’t be as productive as you’re used to, but even performing the smallest tasks are already enough!

Forcing ourselves to work on something we’re tired of, both physical or mentally is not good. It makes us sick, literally!

Lots of artists suffer from burnout because sooner or later they’ll have a project to work on and they have to put so many hours to meet their deadlines. In the end, they feel too tired, sometimes even lose their passion for that kind of work!

Secondly: Take breaks often.

If your drawing isn’t going as you want, but you keep on trying, getting the same results over and over, then chances are you need a break. It is of no use to continue and feed your frustration.

Stop, even if it’s just for half an hour. It is always important to take a break when drawing. Our muscles start getting tense if you draw for too long. So it’s good to take breaks not only to clean your mind for a bit but for your physical health as well.

And finally: Remember that your art is not equal to your worth!

Remember that you are not what you’re drawing. It doesn’t represent your maximum skill level or how far you can go. Some days will be good, some days will not. That’s just how it is. This goes with everything in life, not just drawing.

I know it’s easy to fall into that hole. That our art isn’t good enough. That we’re not good enough.

Remember that the drawing you did today is not the last one. Even if your drawings don’t go as you wish, you don’t need to show them to anyone! You can even throw them in the garbage if you feel it helps!

Try to relax and stop for a bit if it helps.

In general, always remember that it's very important to rest and calm your mind.

I hope this email has been helpful to you, and you can read more on my thoughts and recommendations on ending art frustration in the link below:

How To Deal With Artistic Frustration And End It!

And as always:

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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