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How To Draw Your Character Consistently!

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Hey Artist!

Consistency is something very important for an artist. Not only in their constant practice and improvement but also in their own art style!

So I'm here today to give you one quick tip on how to draw your character consistently!

And that is...

Draw Them Often!

Wait, don't go just yet! I know this is much easier said than done.

"Well yeah Patricia, telling me to draw them more often isn't really helping you know..."

I hear you, I hear you!

But you know that this is true, by drawing them more often, you'll memorize the details and be able to keep them consistent.

With that said, I have something that REALLY helps me with drawing them over and over again (without me actually forcing myself to do it!)

And that is, creating stories!

By simply creating a small story for your characters, it will keep you motivated to draw them and change their poses to how you want them to look! Making it much easier to keep your style consistent.

Stories don’t have to be complex! Just a stroll in the forest can be a great starting point.

Alright, I think I made my point with this short email, but if you want to read more tips on how to draw your character consistently, check out the link below!

How To Draw Your Character Consistently – 3 Tips That Work

And as always:

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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