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Looking For A HARD Drawing Challenge?

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Hello Artist!

One of the best ways to improve your drawing skills is actually to try and draw some difficult ideas!

So here are some quick drawing ideas that you can draw right now to test your skills:

  • Self-Portrait: This is the kind of exercise that comes up a lot in art class and I gotta say… I never enjoyed it! We’re our own worst critics, and trying to draw a self-portrait proves that.
    It never looks quite right and it always feels like we’re drawing a different person altogether.
  • Hands: Even though they are right in front of you most of the time, hands are known to be hard to draw! Again, the things we look at the most, are the harder to draw. Since we think we know so much about them, we put too many expectations on ourselves.
  • Water: Water, just like glass, is a very difficult subject to draw. Mostly for the same reason. There are lots of reflections on it. The light shines and reflects on it.
    You can draw a body of water like it’s a mirror, where everything from the outside world reflects on it. Or you can draw a whole new world underneath the water.

So if you're ready to handle a difficult idea to draw, you know where to start!

I've also talked more about other difficult ideas, as well as well to get some reference images to help you draw them, in the article below!

7 Difficult Ideas To Draw Right Now!

So have fun, and as always:

Keep on drawing!



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