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Make Your Poses Exciting With These Resources!

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Hi Artist,

I know I keep talking about references over and over again, but I believe they are really important!

(and before we get to it: No, using references isn't "cheating" at art!)

They help you out a LOT when drawing something new, and make you improve much faster at drawing. Trust me on this.

So here are 2 of my favorite places to get free pose references:

Line Of Action (

Line of Action is a website made for artists to find helpful resources as well as be able to talk with other artists.

If you go to the โ€˜Drawโ€™ section, you can select what kind of practice you want to go through:

  • Figure Drawing
  • Animal Drawing
  • Hands & Feet Drawing
  • Faces & Expression Drawing
  • Scenes and Environment Drawing

When you enter the category you want, you'll have a bunch of poses to choose from, and even timers to draw them! Very helpful.

AdorkaStock (

AdorkaStock is one of the most famous models for drawing poses. She specifically caters to artists and is always launching new content, with new poses.

Whatever pose you need, youโ€™ll find it! If drawing characters and practicing anatomy is your go-to, then AdorkaStock should be on your bookmarks and I recommend following her on all platforms she has available.

Alright that's about it for this e-mail!

And if you'd like to find the rest of the free pose references I recommend, click the link below!

The 7 Best Free Pose Reference Websites For Artists

And as always:
Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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