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Master Drawing Hands 👋 The Easy Way!

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Hello Artist!

First of all welcome to all the new artists joining us every single day, thank you for your support.
Today I bring you a comprehensive step-by-step post on how to draw hands.

This is something that a lot of artists fear (me included some time ago) but I want to help you master drawing them once and for all!

Click here to read the complete guide on how to draw hands the easy way.

We split everything step by step, including:

  • The Main Shapes Of The Hands

  • Drawing The Fingers

  • Drawing The Thumb

  • Adding The Nails

  • Adding Details (hair, wrinkles)

  • And more!

So, enjoy the post and have fun drawing some hands!

And as always: Keep on drawing!
- Patricia

Click here to read How To Draw Hands The Easy Way!


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