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No Drawing Ideas? There's An App For That!

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Hi Artist,

Sometimes we just draw at the blank page in front of us and... well... nothing comes out!

You can get no ideas, so you just end up scribbling or drawing something that you've done 100 times before.

But today I bring you one of the best drawing idea generators I've found on the web!

And that is:

DrawingPrompt (

This drawing idea generator is the most complex one but in a good sense!

Here you have more power of choice. You’ll get random prompts as well, however, you can choose in which category!

When you open this website, you’ll get greeted with a prompt, along with a description. 

If you click ‘Create New Prompt’, you’ll get something similar. However, below all that, you can find a bunch of buttons with different categories:

  • Fantastic Beast
  • Person (Fantasy)
  • Scene (Fantasy)
  • Anime Scene
  • Fierce Monster
  • Romantic Couple
  • And many more!

These categories are both quite unique and interesting.

You can choose the category according to what you’re feeling like drawing: you want to draw people? Places? Animals?

Just choose one and start drawing.

These prompts are also very descriptive.

Almost like they’re telling us a little story.

This will really help you visualize the whole scene, character, or creature you’re going to draw.

I really enjoy this website, and it's completely free.

But if you want some other options (including how to make your own generator!) check out the link below.

The 3 Best Drawing Idea Generators And Apps!

And as always,

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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