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Push Your Drawing Poses! Like this.

Hello Artist!

One fundamental thing that you should take into consideration is pushing your poses.


  • It makes your drawing more memorable

  • "Sells" an action much better

  • It's fun!

So let's see an example here.

Check out this silhouette I did some time ago.

It's not bad. 

It has some good white space and you can understand what's happening in the figure.

But it could be better.

How about we tilt the legs inwards, giving them more motion.

And also tilt their left arm (our right) a bit more for an extra oomph?

Now that looks quite better.

It sells the action better and makes it feel more "action-y".

All of this just to make my point:

Exaggerate your poses! 

Push them to the limit, break them and make your art memorable.

And as always,

Keep on drawing!


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