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Should You Get A Drawing Tablet With A Screen?

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Hello Artist,

If you're thinking of getting a drawing tablet or upgrading your current one, you might be wondering:

"Is it worth it for me to get a Drawing Tablet with a Screen?" (like the Cintiq for example!)

So I'm here to help you make your decision, in a very short email!

There are basically 3 main factors you must think about:

  • Price: Does your budget allow a more expensive tablet? If you answer yes, than you might want to give a tablet with a screen a go. They tend to cost upwards of 200$, with some costing quite a LOT more.
  • Size: Do you have space for a bigger tablet? Not only are screened tablets bigger, but they also have cables and stands that take quite some desk space. If you prefer a smaller solution, I recommend a screenless tablet.
  • Time To Get Used To: Drawing on a screenless tablet takes quite longer to get used to than a tablet with a screen. This is because we're used to drawing on paper, so it's easier to go directly draw on a screen. So if you want a shorter time to get used to the tablet, go with a Screen option.

I hope this has helped you make a decision between screenless tablet or a tabled with a screen!

I have written a bigger and more comprehensive guide (with recommendations on what to buy) on my blog!

Check it out here: Should I Get A Drawing Tablet With Screen Or Without?

And as always:

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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