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This One Tip Will Make Drawing Hands A Piece Of Cake! 👆

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Hi Artist,

Hands are one of the toughest subjects to draw when drawing the human body! But they can be quite easy (well, easier) to draw if you follow this specific tip.

Doesn’t matter if you’re going for a more anime, cartoon, or realistic style, this will help you draw better hands!

And that is...

Focus on the Main Shapes First!

Details are not that important when learning to draw hands. In fact, details are not important at all when it comes to any subject in art. Especially at the beginning.

This is something to think about later on when you’re refining your own style.

When it comes to hands, some artists will just draw their shape and that’s it.

They won’t even draw nails!

First focus on the basic shapes and gestures.

Focus on mastering drawing a whole hand.

Afterward, you can have fun adding details in the hands!

When you’re ready, you can refine the way you draw your hands. You can draw nails, different styles of them. You can also add hair and even wrinkles to your hands!

It all depends on what type of character you’re drawing. But, that’s something to think about later!

So the next time you're drawing hands, remember to focus on the main shapes first!

And if you'd like to read 4 more tips on how to draw hands, check out the link below!

5 Best Tips For Drawing Amazing Hands Easily!

And as always:

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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