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What Pose To Draw Today? πŸ€”

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Hello Artist!

Deciding on a pose can be tough some of these days.

So today I bring you some very fun pose ideas for you to draw, right away.

Some of these are quite more dynamic than the others, so pick and choose which one you prefer!

Yoga Pose

There are SO many different yoga poses you can try. This one above is just an example, and if you have your sketchbook or drawing software ready, go right ahead and give it a go!

And if you want more yoga poses, just use a website like Pinterest and write "yoga pose" on the search bar. This is a great way to practice drawing!

Jumping Pose

There’s always lots of movement here, the hair goes everywhere as well as the clothes.

This is something that is good to practice from time to time. Depending on the kind of movement the body does, everything will behave accordingly!

Fighting Stance

You can search for specific sports or even action movies packed with fights.

Lookup for fighting games and observe the poses from all the different characters. They usually have many different styles and poses.

Some are more fluid and full of movement, while others are more static and stoic, so take your pick!

Alright so, these are 3 different types of poses that you can draw. But if you want more, feel free to check out my full article below, which includes a few links to get great reference photos for these poses!

9 Amazing Pose Ideas To Draw Today! (With Photos)

And as always:

Keep on drawing!

- Patricia


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